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B&D Hamilton Consulting
offers competent, fast Tier 3 support with a personal touch. Saving clients time and money.

Our goal is not to provide answers, but to educate our clients on "how and where to find the right solutions."
Terry Moore

Technical Manager, Avaya

Mike Langley
Senior Services Engineer, Avaya Inc

Scott Bowyer

Software Development Engineer III, Avaya

New Rates effective January 15, 2014

Standard Tier 3 - $ 300.00 an hour. One hour minimum.
Out of Hours - $ 450.00 an hour. One hour minimum. These rates can be negotiable based on the scope of work. Rates for non Tier 3 work are available and negotiable

Services -                      Most issues can be resolved Today
Some services have fixed fees and will not be charged at an hourly rate.
On-site rates, training, mentoring, tools development, will all be negotiable.

I will not bill you if I cannot help or point you in the right direction to resolve your issue

Compare Rates
Avaya's Standard Hourly rates $ 600.00 an hour
Avaya's Out of Hours rates $ 900.00 an hour

Credit Card via PayPal

Business Hours - Monday thru Friday - 8:00am to 5:00pm CST/CDT

Covid-19 - Business shutdown March 25, 2020 to December 31, 2020
Business reopen January 1, 2021

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B&D Hamilton Consulting
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