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B&D Hamilton Consulting
offers competent, fast Tier 3 support with a personal touch. Saving clients time and money.

Our goal is not to provide answers, but to educate our clients on "how and where to find the right solutions."
Terry Moore

Technical Manager, Avaya

Mike Langley
Senior Services Engineer, Avaya Inc

Scott Bowyer

Software Development Engineer III, Avaya

What They're Saying About Us

Terry Moore - Technical Manager, Avaya
"Brett was the backbone of Tier-3 software troubleshooting at AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya, however his skills go far beyond. His expertise in telecommunications troubleshooting is such that he always adds value to the isolation and repair for any problem encountered at Avaya Tier-3. His software tools writing abilities have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for Avaya in speed of pertinent data collection. His analytical skills are among the best I've seen. He's known internationally for his skills and has been sought out countless times because of them."

Mike Langley - Senior Services Engineer, Avaya
"I worked with Brett in Tier-3, in the software corruption group. He's a hard worker; very knowledgable in unix/linux and shell scripting. He has many years experience in the telecomm industry and would be an asset to anyone's IT department."

Scott Bowyer - Software Development Engineer III, Avaya
"Brett is a capable and industrious individual who can be counted on to bring complex technical tasks to successful fruition. His dedication is almost legendary, and have been glad to have interacted with him many times over the last 8 years."

Melissa Mellott - Sr. Network/IPT Engineer, MSN Communications
"Brett is a detail-oriented worker with excellent technical and customer contact skills. He's willing to share his knowledge for the advancement of any team. Brett is a genius in the software corruption business for Avaya and molds himself into absolutely anything he can see his clients need and succeeds. It's always a pleasure working with Brett... I know the job will be done properly and with maximum efficiency."  more

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