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B&D Hamilton Consulting
offers competent, fast Tier 3 support with a personal touch. Saving clients time and money.

Our goal is not to provide answers, but to educate our clients on "how and where to find the right solutions."
Terry Moore

Technical Manager, Avaya

Mike Langley
Senior Services Engineer, Avaya Inc

Scott Bowyer

Software Development Engineer III, Avaya

With a combined 75 plus years of telecom experience
B&D Hamilton Consulting
provides Tier 3 customer support for companies large and small, on all Definity / Communication Manager hardware and software platforms. Over the years we've worked with most every type of telephone equipment sold by Bell, AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya. We know the telephone business, a customer's needs and how they use communications equipment.

We've trained and supported fellow associates as a mentor and as a tools developer for over 37 years. Our Tier 4 experience includes several years working with software and hardware developers to resolve hundreds of complex design issues.

Services -                      Most issues can be resolved Today
We provide a Tier 3 level of support for all Definity / Communication Manager Platforms. Not many can offer these services.

Subject Matter Expert - Definity Software Corruption repair, administration, features, hardware and software troubleshooting, MST, networking, provisioning, upgrades and additions, patching, firmware updates, backup and restore. Connectivity, logins, passwords, secret-key authentication, permissions, user-profiles, webProfiles, remote-access, SAMP/MPC, RFA licensing, Main, ESS, LSP server configurations more

Tools development
Unix, Solaris, Linux, all versions of Microsoft Windows, shell, bash, kornshell, awk, C, perl programming, web sites, xml, html, scripting, database tools, data collection, extraction and manipulation.

Computer networking, LAN, WAN, ATM, IP, VPN, Citrix, ftp, sftp, scp, ssh, rsh, telnet, office and virtual office tools of all flavors.

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